Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dumbbells are essential!

If there was only one piece of weight lifting equipment you could own, it would be dumbbells.
Even a single dumbbell provides dozens of potential exercises for your routine.
Dumbbells are not expensive, and you can even get high quality components second-hand. Dumbbells don’t take up a lot of storage space, and you can work out with dumbbells in a very limited amount of space.
A pair of dumbbells doesn’t take up much more room than a single dumbbell, and isn’t any harder to acquire.
Dumbbells are extra effective because they are less stable than a barbell, and require your muscles to stabilize the apparatus at the same time that the exercise is being executed.
I have three pairs of dumbbells that I love.
My light dumbbells are great for warming up and learning to exercises that I want to add to my routine.
My medium weight dumbbells are my work horses. I do most of my workout routine with my medium dumbbells. They are heavy enough to provide a challenge, but not too heavy to do multiple reps.
My heavy dumbbells are a great challenge for exercises when I really want to push myself.
My favorite exercise of all is the dumbbell fly. I use my light dumbbells to do a variety of flat bench and inclined bench curls and flys and presses. I use my heavy dumbbells to do flys that I do lying on the floor.
If you haven’t committed to a weight lifting program yet, go get some dumbbells.

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