Thursday, January 12, 2012

My routine continued:

“Hey Darrell, are you still lifting those weights?” (grin grin, snicker snicker)
I swear, it’s every day.
We’ll talk about setbacks and road blocks later.
So, here’s more about what happens.
When last we talked, I was doing my warm up.
Sometimes I warm up with lighter weights.
I have two sets of dumbbells, one lighter and one heavier. As of this writing, the lighter ones are fifteen pounds and the heavier ones are thirty-five pounds. I believe in having lots of dumbbells, because they are the most used and most useful part of my set up. Dumbbells can replace barbells in most barbell exercises.
I also believe in having multiple sets of dumbbells and other equipment because I don’t like to take the time to change weight plates on the equipment. I am performing a circuit, or a complex. I don’t have time to rest or change the weight plates, so I have everything loaded exactly the way I want them. Then I move smoothly from one exercise to the next.
I am considering having a dedicated, single dumbbell with an extra heavy amount of weight on it for exercises like the clean and press.
Anyway, whether or not I have warmed up, I usually start with my light weight dumbbells. I have a flat bench where I do these exercises. I do pull overs and skull crushers and dumbbell flies and presses and curls.
Then I do triceps pull downs.  
If you are unfamiliar with those terms, I highly recommend that you look them up.
After the light weight exercises, I do two sets of bench presses. I do two set of all my favorite exercises.  Bench presses feel really good, and the results are immediate.
Next come the curl bar curls. Two sets of at least twenty five. The curl bar is a wonderful apparatus because it is stable and easy to grab and easy to work. The curl bar is inspiring. After my curl bar sets I feel like I can really  accomplish something good.
Next are my hanging crunches. These are among my few non-weight exercises. I have a pull-up bar in the door way, and I take time here to do the hanging crunches. I saw someone in the gym doing these, and I could tell that they brought instant results. I love them. I have great hopes for my mid-section now.  Pull-up bars are great, and you should really have one in your routine. If you couldn’t work with weights, but you COULD do pull-ups, you’d be in great shape.
This is all followed by a series of dumbbell exercises that you should look up.
Lawn mowers
Dumbbell Curls
Dumbbell Flies (heavy) (I do these lying on the floor instead of the bench, for more stability.)
Then I work my legs with the leg curl thingy. I do two sets face up, and two sets face down. Haven’t read much about these exercises, but most benches have this attachment, and I like the results.
Next we’ll talk about Olympic exercises.


  1. Sounds like an awesome workout keep it up

  2. thanks! I appreciate input from experts!! We'll soon see if I'm able to pull this off or not. It's my eating habits that will be my biggest challenge.