Monday, December 12, 2011

FREE WEIGHTS! This post is about free weights.

Searching for exercise equipment felt right until my friend Dan called one night to chat. I told him my story and how I felt the urge to exercise. Dan said that my idea was all wrong because I have a finished basement and carport. I have no place to stash exercise equipment where I can’t see it.
Dan was right. I was kidding myself.  I had no real interest in cables and pulleys and whirring machines.
Then one day I was cleaning out my garage when I came across my son’s old weight bench.  I pulled it out, dusted it off, and set it up.
I put together the dumbbells and the barbell with different amounts of weights. I started experimenting and playing around.  Suddenly I was having a ball! I was alone so I wasn’t trying to kill myself to impress anyone.  
I tried different amounts of weight on each apparatus until the exercises really felt good.
I played around with the weights and the bench for about an hour. I didn’t know anything about weight lifting exercises, but I tried everything that seemed obvious.  After I was finished I felt really great. I really had fun.  I knew that I had discovered a new hobby.
The next day I still felt great. I could really feel a burning in my muscles, but I wasn’t aching or in pain as I have been in the past when I’ve worked out too vigorously. I just felt a chill and a glow all over. I cleaned out a corner of a storage room in our basement, and set the weigh bench up permanently.
I was on my way.
I didn’t work out the second day because of the time it took me to get everything set up. But the following day, I thought about working out as soon as I woke up. I looked at my day’s schedule and found my free half hour and actually felt excited about my upcoming workout.
We’ll talk about how the process developed next.

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