Sunday, December 11, 2011

Job stress!

My story continues....
After my humiliating on the track at the ball field, I resolved to improve. And I did improve, little by little. I went to the track every time I could, at least every other day, and I kept track of how far I ran. Each time it was a little farther. Each time there were smiles and giggles from the other runners.
"Hey look! The fat guy's running again!"
They might not have actually said it, but they were thinking it.
After a few months I was jogging like a pro. It felt great. I couldn't run for miles like other joggers, but I could go around that track a few times. Yes, I had to stop frequently and walk, but each time was better.
Funny thing though, I didn't lose weight or size. I felt great, I knew I was improving my health, but my size remained the same.
Like many ventures into the world of exercise, mine ended after little more than a year. More and more reasons kept popping up to keep me from the track, and I found a great new burger place, and the couch seemed to miss me.

So now the real story begins.
Flash forward to this year.
My daughter married her boyfriend in January. Beautiful occasion, but very stressful. My daughter and I were very close, and it was hard to see her go.
My weight had become a real concern.
At work the atmosphere was oppressive.
One day I wore tight slacks to work. They hurt my kidneys. I didn't wear tight slacks because I thought it was stylish, I wore them because I was too cheep to buy new slacks after gaining more weight.
That day, that terrible tight slacks day, my boss called me into his office.
He was unhappy with me in many horrible, personal ways. It was like a nightmare. Our little chat was humiliating, insulting, and terrifying.
How would I support my family if I lost my job?
I knew my weight made me look even more pathetic.
The issues with my boss were resolved, but the tension at work remained.
It was killing me.
At home, my wife and family were very supportive. We talked a lot about what we could and what we should do.
One of the things I absolutely craved was physical activity. My wife suggested I go for walks. It didn't help.
I started browsing the sporting good stores for exercise equipment.
It was then that I made a discover that would change my life.
We'll talk about that next.

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