Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Story:


I guess I haven't always been tubby.
There were times in my youth when I was absolutely fit and athletic.
Then I got married and had a family and discovered couch sitting and Fatboy ice cream sandwiches.
Tubbyness creeps up on you without notice.
But one day, there it is, in the bathroom mirror after a shower.
You're repulsed.
You're nauseated.
You want to cry.
You stand sideways and suck in your gut. You stand taller and suck in your gut. You hold very still, smile, and suck in your gut.
But there's no hiding from the truth.
And the truth is fat.
A few years ago, I was more than just tubby. I was stressed. Trouble at work, trouble at home, lot's of problems. Finally one day I had an experience that many folks my age have had.
Crushing chest pains. Brought me right to my knees. Thought I was dying.
The doctor put me through ever imagineable test.
GOOD NEWS! My heart was fine. But I was still tubby. My doctor warned me that without a significant loss of weight, my heart would someday have problems.
What to do? I thought a lot about it.
Near my home was a ball field with a mile long track around the perimeter. I thought that walking would be a good idea. So I went and walked.
But other people were running. It occurred to me that running and jogging were what fit and healthy people did, and I decided that running might save my life. So I picked up my knees and started to jog.
That lasted about twenty yards. My knees hurt, my chest hurt, and my back ached. I was out of breath and thought I was going to passout.
Twenty yards.
I was passed by a little old grandma. She laughed at me. All the people who passed me sniggered. I felt great pressure to do better.
To be continued.........

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